Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Krishna as a world teacher

May the Lord, Jagad-Guru, Gita-Acharya, Bhagavan Lord Krishna, the World Teacher, shower His divine grace upon you and may His grace manifest within you as this awakened spiritual awareness and as the ability to act with expertise, so that in the midst of action you still maintain an abidance in the ever-actionless Reality within, so that you are able to be actionless in the midst of action.


  1. Wonderful scene you have shown in your blog. In that scene The Lord Krishna is giving the devine knowledge to the Arjun. And the Sacred Gita is nothing but the description of this scene only. So here The Lord himself showing his existance in the world. Thank you Miss Alka for remembering me such an interesting scenario. Hope you will continue of posting this kind of spiritual related image. Thanks by byeosp

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